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About Us

Brighter Generation

Brighter Generation is a platform that mobilizes professional global volunteers, including the Ethiopian diaspora and second-generation college students, to teach the next generation of Ethiopian leaders and innovators virtually and in person. This 501c(3) non-profit organization, registered in the state of Virginia, USA, was founded by Dr. Berhanu Bulcha, a NASA space scientist, and Dr. Tsega Solomon, a biochemist, with the support of other professionals in the diaspora.

Brighter Generation has established two programs for global instructors to teach high school students in Ethiopia: a virtual summer course and an in-person winter course. The initial three-month virtual teaching program began with 110 students in the summer of 2022 across 9 locations in Ethiopia. In 2023, the virtual program expanded its reach by more than fourfold, impacting 750 students across 30 locations in Ethiopia. The in-person winter program was demonstrated in a six-week course in January 2023, with a group of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) students traveling to Ethiopia to teach more than 130 high school students at four learning centers.

Collectively, more than 100 global volunteers participated in teaching essential skills in English communication, reading, writing, critical thinking, leadership, problem-solving, computer programming, and community projects. By providing enriching and interactive courses, Brighter Generation aims to cultivate and inspire a generation of Ethiopian leaders and innovators who will respond to the fundamental needs of their developing nation.

Global volunteers actively participate in the Brighter Generation program, leaving a lasting impact on the next generation. You can become a part of this program by signing up to volunteer.

Our Diaspora and Global volunteers' verbatim

Being diaspora, I wanted to contribute to Ethiopia, but I did not know how until I learned about the teaching opportunity with the BG program.
Ben Kroone
Seeing the students grow and develop every week was something special to be a part of and something I will never forget.
Bonnie Hilton
I joined this program because I wanted to give back to Ethiopia in a meaningful way.
Lidya Tesfaye
Teaching students is such an amazing journey and seeing the students progress through the weeks was so rewarding.
Deborah Solomon
I had a great summer 2022 spending a couple of hours per week helping students with so much potential.
Solome Teferi

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