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Empowering Students in 30+ Ethiopian Locations: Essential Skills 2023

Brighter Generation's 3rd graduation celebrated the culmination of a transformative three-month program, impacting 750 students in 30+ Ethiopian locations. With 75+ dedicated global instructors, the virtual courses covered reading, writing, communication, critical thinking, leadership, and community projects. The collective experience extended beyond students, as friends and family joined the virtual and in-person festivities. Not just classroom skills, but students applied knowledge collaboratively to address real-world community challenges, highlighting the impactful synergy of education and community engagement.

Jan - March 2023 Computer Programing and Leadership Graduates

Brighter Generation's second round of 130 students selected from 15 schools in Addis Ababa, majority from public schools, completed a rigorous course in computer programming in March 2023. 

The instructors traveled from USA with different academic tracks at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in artificial intelligence (AI), Computer Science, Molecular Biology, Engineering, and Design and Management.

In addition to technological skills, the program focused on public speaking, writing, presentation, and, most importantly, students to look into their community and learning to address challenges in an organized way by writing problem-solution statements and implementing proposals. 

June - October 2022 Reading/Witing, Critical Thinking and Leadership Graduates

Our virtual pilot program started on July 16, 2022, for 12 weeks. In this program, we had nine centers and more than 100 students from different regions of Ethiopia in Addis Ababa, Afar, Dire-Dawa, Jijiga, Gondar, and Debreberhan. We had more than 3o instructors and interns with a professional background of science, medicine, engineering and law, management who dedicated their time and energy to mentor and empower the next generation innovators in Ethiopia.