Community Project

  • Spotlight Project - Wollega

    Ethiopian farmers face challenges with manual seed scattering, leading to uneven growth and vulnerability to birds. A student group in Wollega created a cost-effective seed sowing machine, optimizing nutrient distribution, water, and air for higher crop yields. The machine saves time and labor, contributing to the country's food demand.

    Spotlight Project - Wollega
  • Spotlight Project - Selale

    In Ethiopia, lack of access to clean water is a major issue, especially in rural areas. Selale's virtual teaching program students designed an affordable water purification device using local materials like sand and gravel. The simple and easy-to-maintain machine filters water through layers of materials, providing a viable solution for communities.

    Spotlight Project - Selale
  • Spotlight Project - Dilla

    Ethiopian farmers face problems with synthetic fertilizers, causing long-term issues. In Dilla, a student group designed a natural fertilization system using earthworms and organic waste. The experiment showed improved soil quality and resource savings compared to synthetic fertilizers. The students are now educating and collaborating with local farmers to promote natural fertilizer use.

    Spotlight Project - Dilla