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We are excited to announce the release of ‘Bilih – ብልህ,’ a collection of tales that capture Ethiopian wisdom and inspirational narratives, spanning the rich tapestry of Ethiopian cultures. These stories offer timeless moral insights on the significance of family values, the essence of friendship, honesty, integrity, and the rewards of diligent labor. Through this book, we aim to inspire youth to develop a habit of reading while learning to become ‘Bilih’ (wise). ‘Bilih – ብልህ,’ Volume 1 compilation, is a testament to the collaborative efforts of the 2023 student cohort and the global instructors who have dedicated their time and energy to the Brighter Generation education program. So, dear reader, seize this treasury of Ethiopian fables. As you immerse yourself in these stories, please take the opportunity to initiate dialogues about the enduring values that anchor our society.